"For The Halal Meat and Poultry Supply Chain"

halalANSA 'for the meat industry'

ANSA (Association of Non Stun Abattoirs) was formed to represent the voice of the halal meat industry. The association aims to create and raise awareness of the halal industry according to the teachings of the Quran and the prophetic tradition.

The ANSA logo gives the consumers assurance that the meat they will be consuming is truly halal and is religiously halal slaughtered according to Islamic principles".

The word "HALAL" is the most misused word in the UK for the labeling of meat and poultry, ANSA will be able to offer a clean and wholesome product that the Muslim community wants”.

Acting as the voice for the Non-Stun Halal Abattoirs ANSA aims to create a better understanding of the halal meat industry throughout the supply chain right down to the consumer.

The Association has build confidence amongst the UK Muslim population on the English Halal meat industry and by doing this has opened up the halal trade for export by further improving the British economy.

Criteria for Joining ANSA

Only Full time non stun halal Abattoirs can become members of the association. Retail business can join FREE OF CHARGE by signing a legal and binding agreement that they will only stock products from ANSA members and display the ANSA LOGO.

ANSA Honorary Scholar Advisory Committee

Mufti Mohammad Osman
Dar Al-Basira
The Moorfield Centre
Carrington Street
Moulana Ihsan Meer Scholar, Dewsbury

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Latest News

  • Halal By Plant Numbers- NEW Mobil Phone APP!
    - Empowering Halal Consumers With Knowledge - For Consumers who want to eat halal, save the link on your Phone and check the ECC numbers on the chicken or meat to trace back to the slaughter house.
  • Pak Butcher, "I congratulate you and the members for providing a real solution facing today's Halal industry. This will give us a real platform to promote our products to the wider community as well as to gain the confidence of the Halal consumer. Well done you have our support and we will help promote this for the sole purpose of our commitment to the industry as well as to our faith!" Abdul Malik
  • Al-AQSA HALAL Halifax Mr Shafiq Ahmed " The so called halal Industry was playing the minds of the Muslims and I am very pleased that ANSA has taken the doubt out of the minds of the Halal Consumers"
  • A K Halal Meat Centre, Stony Lane, Birmingham, Muneer Hussian Say ANSA Logo on the display counter answers lots questions
  • Testament - Sajid Valli Divell AOA..W.W...
    MashaAllah!!!! this is the best news ive had in Years. And InshaAllah this is the Great step taken to save Halal in this day & age of evil & Corruption. At last we can Unify all Genuine Halal Certifying Bodies around the GLOBE on to 1 PLATFORM to protect and Revive a very Important SUNNAH of Halal Dhabh which has delibratley been ignored & Neglected for their own intrests.
    ie... "The Prophetic Method of Dhabh" would be to infact Save and Protect "The SUNNAH Practice of Dhabh".
    Alhumdulillah..!!! isn't this great and not to forget the amount of rewards we will also get, it's unbelievable MashaAllah.!!!!
    May Allah Reward ALL of the Mufti-yanay-Kiraam & Ulama-e-Kiraam & ALL those Sincere Bros who have taken a huge step towards this Valourous Struggle for this great cause [Ameen].
    And May Allah accept their efforts, Guide them in every way & every step they take. Save them from All types of Evil & Grant them Ikhlaas till Death [AMEEN-ALLAH-HUMMA-AMEEM].
    May Allah also forgive me & accept me and everyone who reads this email to look into way's of enabling us also to Join and Help in this Venture [AMEEN-ALLAH-HUMMA-AMEEN].

Our address

C/O 162 Bishop Street,
Birmingham B5 7EJ

Phone: +44(0)7968 101817
Fax: +44121 345 1120
E-Mail: info@ansauk.co.uk